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Man vs Baby (Matt Coyne) CoppaFeel!
Man vs Baby (Matt Coyne)
Man vs Baby (Matt Coyne)
Man vs Baby (Matt Coyne)

My Story

..Anybody who knows me will tell you that my idea of hell is any sort of physical exercise.. jogging, hiking and all that.. seem like activities carried out by people who are not aware that the pub's open. I’m more of a sit around in my pants eating space raiders kind of a guy.

So when this opportunity came up to do a trek up some mountains I thought 'f**k that, thank you.. but I’d rather gnaw my own leg off.'

But this October I will be trekking in the Himalayas, because of Marcie.

When ‘Man vs Baby’ first started there weren’t that many of us knocking around.. One such person was Marcie, an American lady who was supportive of not just me but everyone who, in the comments, might have suggested they were struggling with the whole parenting thing.

Marcie was funny, didn’t take ANY shit and was just one of those people that are just so damn likeable.

Some people stick .. and so when the proof copies were done for my first book I sent one over the pond with a jokey inscription ‘to the head of the US fan club from your favourite limey son of a bitch..' .

Marcie disappeared from the comments a while ago and when I wrote a comment asking where she was.. a friend of hers sent me a message to say that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer and was taking a break from social media. The same friend messaged me again a month later to say that in truth she’d taken that break to spend more time with her kids because the cancer had spread.. and she wanted to spend the time she had left staring at their faces and not at a screen.

Marcie died at the start of the year.

It’s weird how connections built through these wires and waves can be so affecting.. and hearing this made me feel incredibly grateful and lucky but just really fucking sad. I don’t know what Marcie went through before she died. But I do know what my Auntie Tricia went through battling the same. I do know what my dad went through, my uncle Francis, my grandparents, my mate Paul.. cancer is a dark and hateful bastard.

So, it looks like I’m trekking in the Himalayas in October.. because as much as I might fear, even hate the idea.. the truth is that.. there are mountains.. and then there are mountains.

So, all my love to Marcie’s family and especially her boys.. from her favourite limey son of a bitch. We already miss you around these parts M.

And to everyone else, I never take your support for granted.. you are the best.. and if you can spare a few quid to chuck my way and for the breast cancer charity Coppafeel.. I would more than appreciate it.👇🏻

Matt x

Thank You

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